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The Alberta Society of Fiddlers is a nonprofit organization whose members enjoy the music of the fiddle.

Some of them are fiddlers, but all of them enjoy fiddle music and they are committed to passing on the traditions of fiddling to the generations to come.

The Society draws its membership from fiddlers and fiddle music fans from all parts of the Province of Alberta, and some points beyond. Membership is open to anyone, regardless of age, who desires to support the objectives of the association. You need not be a fiddler to join.

The Alberta Society of Fiddlers was formally incorporated on December 16, 1992, when the official certificate #50550315 was handed down by the Registrar of the Alberta Societies Act.

The Society has no paid executive positions — all are filled by sincere volunteers who are sincerely dedicated to the ASF Mandate.

Membership Information

Individual Membership

For an annual fee of only $20.00 per year:

You become an active member of the Alberta Society of Fiddlers. This entitles you to be a full voting delegate to the ASF Annual General Meeting, and to stand for election as Regional Director or to any position on the executive of the Society.

Since one of the major functions of this organization is to provide fiddle music information, your membership entitles you to receive 4 issues per year of the Society’s newsletter, Fiddle News and Views, which provides you with such worthwhile information as:

  • Calendar of fiddle events in Alberta
  • Fiddle contest results
  • Stories and profiles about your favorite Alberta fiddlers
  • Ads telling where you can purchase recordings and supplies
  • Information on ASF meetings and decisions
  • Reports of schools and workshops
  • And much, much more

Club (Associate) Membership

For an annual fee of only $30.00 per year:

Your local club can be kept abreast of fiddle activities across the province.

Your events can be listed for free in the Newsletter calendar.

For a minimal additional fee, your posters and announcements for your club events can be sent out as inserts in our newsletter, to all those on the ASF mailing list, saving you the individual postage.

(Sorry — Fiddle News and Views does not release its mailing list to others).

To become a member of the Alberta Society of Fiddlers, please submit the membership form along with appropriate fee!

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Fiddle News and Views is a newsletter distributed quarterly to all members of the Society. It has been a regular project of the Alberta Society of Fiddlers ever since its inception in 1992.

Fiddle News and Views keeps fiddlers and fiddle music fans up-to-date on the fiddle music scene in Alberta and beyond. It includes profiles of prominent fiddlers, summaries of various fiddle competitions and workshops, and items of interest to music lovers in general.

Folks all over the province look forward to each issue especially because of the regularly updated calendars it contains. In one of the calendars, organizers of Fiddle Events across Alberta, (and Canada, too) are invited to post—at no charge—announcements of their upcoming fiddle events. On another, regular weekly and monthly country, Celtic, bluegrass, etc. jamborees are listed.

All submissions for future issues should be directed to:

Marlee Heesing
The Editor, Fiddle News & views

Phone:  780-991-1672

To get yourself on the mailing list for this informative publication, you must become a member of the Alberta Society of Fiddlers.

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